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A New Trend

A recent post I made on FB, felt right to post on my blog

Life is so interesting. I know many have been experiencing moments where memories come back of moments in time where we haven’t dealt with things in a good way, and by these memories returning it gives us an opportunity to process them in more healthy, supportive ways, this transmuting the old wounds into strengthening who we are and releasing things that hold us back. This has been going on for me over the years. I am truly grateful for these moments. It’s a way to have second and third chances of awareness

Lately over the past few weeks I have noticed a shift in these memories. Now I am being flooded by tender, sweet moments in time that I would not have thought of as imprinted within my consciousness yet is there all the same.

I was with one of my caregiving clients the other afternoon, and she wanted to watch Lawrence Welk on TV. They still play the old shows on PBS. As I watched with her, which she likes, this wave of remembrance washed over me of my grandma watching this show every Saturday late afteenoon/early evening and how she loved it. She would be dancing around the room and singing along with the songs. The remembrance was so strong that I was over come by the sweetness of that moment, that tears came flooding down my cheeks. What I noticed was how powerful it was in it’s sweetness.

I’ve had a number of these perfect moments in time hit me so strongly recently. It’s a noticeable change from the transmuting opportunities. When these new instances come up I luxiarate and steep in the beautiful feelings. I’m in awe and loving this new trend.

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