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September 2018 Energy Update with Lee Harris

Post via Tania Marie


Ecowatch 8-2-18… “Newly Elected President of Mexico to Ban Fracking”

Bring it on! Good news. Let’s see it spread 🙏♥️


Timothy Glenn ~ Relationship Key Words

Sharing from dear Laura Bruno’s blog ♥️


Being fully present: first she placed her hand on the gunman’s heart

Had to share. Humanities compassion can transform


Watch “What Does “Creating the Most Optimal Timeline” Mean?” on YouTube

Thought provoking Going for smoothest, easiest timeline? Or the one with most growth? Or sonewhere in the middle?

By Jordan Sather https://youtu.be/KDVsepSqmys

Next News Network 8-16-18… “Facebook Threatened By New Social Network That Will RESTORE Freedom To the Internet”

From KP’s blog post🎈


Kp Message 8-17-18… “What’s going on with the current pathway”

Feeling much the same as KP. Also clearing out storage and things that no longer feel applicable to this new path. Which is odd I would know what’s applicable to some since I don’t know yet what that is. But I am confident I will be guided and I trust ♥️😘


Angel Protection & Blessings

Super grateful for whatever alarm went off in the RV last night. I’m not sure where it came from, but woke me up. It seems I didn’t turn the stove all the way off from dinner but the pilot light was out and gas was filling area

it wasnt the fire alarm or carbon monoxide alarms on the walls. It couldn’t be turned off. Finally went off when I opened the fantastic fans.

The angels were watching out for me and Miracle just as I ask for everyday and night.

Thank you Soo much 😇😇😇😇

From the Stars

Gentle giants from the stars sharing their songs of wisdom with dear Tania Marie


Enlightenment through Shadow Work

Definitely to be shared. I’ve been following Q since he, they, she came to pass back in October of last year. Many of the things Q is sharing I had already become aware of through Laura back in 2010-2011 I think it was. I remember feeling shell shocked but at the same time the seeds of truth always survived the shock and initial disbelief. The more Laura and some others revealed at that time the more my awareness expanded. It was uncomfortable allot of times and challenged everything I thought I knew. But shadow work does that. We are now going through this collectively and individually. As the truth reveals itself, which it seems to have a momentum if its own, we can break through to healthier and happier ways of being thanks to Laura and Ann for their thoughts and wisdom ♥️


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