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From the Stars

Gentle giants from the stars sharing their songs of wisdom with dear Tania Marie


Enlightenment through Shadow Work

Definitely to be shared. I’ve been following Q since he, they, she came to pass back in October of last year. Many of the things Q is sharing I had already become aware of through Laura back in 2010-2011 I think it was. I remember feeling shell shocked but at the same time the seeds of truth always survived the shock and initial disbelief. The more Laura and some others revealed at that time the more my awareness expanded. It was uncomfortable allot of times and challenged everything I thought I knew. But shadow work does that. We are now going through this collectively and individually. As the truth reveals itself, which it seems to have a momentum if its own, we can break through to healthier and happier ways of being thanks to Laura and Ann for their thoughts and wisdom ♥️


Things that go Bump in the Night – Claiming Your Sovereignty

I was prompted to make this post after a conversation with my daughter yesterday. I hesitated but Spirit is insisting. Whenever Spirit asks you say yes. So I have a feeling this needs to be shared for others sakes.

A few months back I had awakened in the middle of the night by what I thought was my beloved dog Miracle crawling into bed with me and attempting to snuggle. Actually it was a bit more insistent than snuggling. I was laying on my side faced away from where I felt her crawl into the bed, so I reached behind me to pet her as I do at these moments. I realized she wasn’t there but that the weight and indent of a presence was. I jumped with a start , with my heart beating and racing out of my chest and almost feeling like I was hyperventilating. The presence then left. It was very unsettling.

In the light of day that morning I attempted to rationalize what had happened. Maybe I had dreamed it, or maybe I had just imagined it. Hoping that that would explain it and put me at ease. Which it did for a few weeks, till it happened again.

This time I felt the covers being lifted up and something crawling in next to me. It began to push its weight, like it was a material being, up against my side then I felt it move what seemed to be it’s head into my side just under my arm and begin the press into my rib cage. I had the immediate sense that it was trying to insert itself into my body.

I would like to say I handled this with Grace and wisdom, but looking at it as an observer you would probably start to laugh because my arms began flailing out in front of me and around me like propellers, slapping at the air and yelling to leave me alone, get away from me and never come back, that it was unwanted. I turned on the light and kept it on the rest of the night.

The next morning I decided I needed to clear the house, me and Miracle by smudging with white sage and drumming. Making my intentions known that nothing was welcome that was not of love and all that is good. After that I haven’t had any repeats of malevolent beings try any funny business at night. So that felt good.

Then yesterday I had the phone conversation with my daughter who I had never shared my experiences with, and she proceeded to share with me two similar instances that had happened to her over the last 4 days. She was creeped out but she had been under allot of stress due to an accelerated school training intensive to become a respiratory therapist, so she thought maybe her mind was playing tricks on her but then when the second instance happened she felt it was something else. I then shared my experiences with her.

We both knew it was more than coincidence that these experiences had happened to us. We are very connected and it’s not unusual for similar things to happen to each of us around the same time.

She wanted to know what to do. It came to me very strongly to tell her that she must reject physically and verbally the advances of whatever this was. She expressed that her body told her she didn’t like it. Which is great!! That means her physical GPS says it is working. To do or say nothing to the entity is an invitation for them to return and come in. Silence is not golden in these cases. So be absolute and forthright in repelling them. So she got the message and I also shared with her about smudging the house, her, her partner, the cat, everything with the intention that this being is not welcome here and does not have permission to come again. Boundaries are imperative.

Silence due to fear and confusion on our part is an open invitation to these unwanted visitors. Just like things in everyday life, boundaries are critical for our well being

I don’t hear or see much written about these kind of encounters so maybe that’s why Spirit is insisting so strongly that I share this.

Much love. Do not be afraid, it’s in our power to overcome unwanted visitations by claiming our sovereignty and divinity .

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