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Gratitude. Every moment of everyday

The Magick Rabbit Mega Holiday Sale of the Year & Ornaments Sure to Make You Smile

Don’t miss out on these unique pieces of art filled with inspiration, creativity and love by my dear friend Tania Maria and her soul mate and love Astrid


Watch “Google Building New AI Using Private Patient Info on 50 Million Americans?” on YouTube

Watch “FIRST IN PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY: President Trump signs LAW to Fully Protect Animals” on YouTube

Watch “CLIMATE FORCING | Our Future is Cold” on YouTube

Watch “The Next Massive Disclosure Will Shock The World — John Paul Rice” on YouTube

I found this interview with John Paul Rice, despite the darkness of the subject, truly inspiring, uplifting and full of hope as well as love

Watch “The Real Reason YouTube Will Now Delete Channels That Are Not “Commercially Viable”” on YouTube

From Ben Swan https://youtu.be/Gu8otHgI0iY

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