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TRON Video 1-17-20… “Qanon – Ivanka “The Looking Glass” Paris”

Found this post shared by KP fascinating from TRON

The Australian Animals who passed in the fires need our help

♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. Let’s help our animal brothers and sisters that have passed on by assisting them with unconditional compassionate love with our prayers and intentions. To help them understand what happened, to melt the trauma and fear from such a passing and assistance for them to move along on their journey in peace, this is how we can aid them


Session Themes and Navigating this Potent Week of Energies

Sharing from my wonderful Reiki teacher and interpreter of the now energies we are in and coming into with these potent, blockbuster astrological signs

Laura Bruno's Blog

In recent months, but especially the last two weeks, I’ve noticed a major recurring theme in sessions. I thought I’d share a little of that theme here, since it seems to be somewhat of a collective process if so many individuals are going through it right now. I’ll also share links to some insightful articles about this week’s super intense events in the sky. This weekend brings a perfect storm of aspects all coming together … and yet these aspects continue to ricochet off past and future potent transits. In my own chart, these eclipses and mega-events hit majorly sensitive spots, so I’m not only observing effects in sessions and in the collective, but also very much in my inner and outer life.

Radical Vulnerability

One theme I continue to encounter is that of vulnerability. Specifically, life seems to be putting people into what would normally feel like a worst…

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