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Watch “Doctors: Data Proves That Covid Death Rate is “Very Similar to the FLU”” on YouTube

Joseph Campbell on Following Your Bliss

Bliss keeps coming into my awareness. Thank you dear Laura for bringing up this subject again. It took many many years for me to get bliss. I wouldn’t be so bold as claiming complete understanding but it does come in waves. Surfing the waves

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Joseph Campbell visited me in my dream two nights ago and chatted with me for a long time. I don’t remember what he said, but I suspect it was something along these lines, regarding “Sacrifice and Bliss,” from episode 4 of The Power of Myth:

Such a strong, wise presence he was! I watched The Power of Myth (on videotape!) in the early months after my 1998 TBI. He had a profound impact on me then, and I feel his guidance again since my dream.

I’m copying a YouTube comment by Sitting Owl, as it gets more into the Sanskrit idea of bliss:

Pity you didn’t include the bit where he explains what Bliss is. It can only be found in the video version and helps to clear people’s confusion about bliss; most think it’s desire.The realisation of your BLISS (Your True Being) comes only when you can live…

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Schumann Resonance Today – ⚡️ Power 88 ~ April 19, 2020

My best friend and companion Miracle felt this very strongly overnite. It was extremely uncomfortable for her

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Editor’s Note: Oh yes…just take a peek at the graph above and see just how the Earth is responding to incoming cosmic energies by releasing the Schumann Resonance energies on a rather continual level. Remember…as the Earth itself resonates from receiving cosmic energies, the resulting Earth generated vibrations are call the “Schumann Resonance” energies.

These energies have been seen constantly showing very dense and low amplitude frequencies. However, these energies escalated in both density and amplitude from midnight 4/19 through 5am when the graph ends. (All times EST/USA).

All I can say is how my ears have been ringing non-stop for almost 48 hours which indicates to me a high energy level at play. Combine this with the escalation of the world political scene as it appears something seems due to “happen” soon, which will lead us all to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Schumann Resonance Today. We will try…

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Rose Rambles...

By Judith Kusel

As the immensely powerful shifts now occurring is pushing us more and more in the higher frequency bands with the opening of the immense cosmic portals from the Giza Pyramids to Sirius and the from Sirius linking us directly again to 7thCentral Sun of Illumination. More than this, it has opened the immensely powerful sun discs and the energy they emit.

These sun discs are not only massive and immense torus energy vortices, but smaller ones were used in ancient times to store Universal knowledge and information and download it directly into the mind. Thus, information could not be distorted nor twisted, nor used in detrimental ways.

With this the Crystal Pyramids and the Spinal Column of the Earth have been reactivated and massive earth changes are upon us.

This shift now goes directly into heart.

The mindless running of the rat race, and quest…

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Watch “QAnon – “The World Is Watching”” on YouTube



I was listening to a Max Igan interview and he had referenced this interview with David Icke in March I know David Icke creates some controversy by what he says and at times to me he’s sounded a bit out there But this particular interview had allot that resonated with me. Especially if you have some knowledge and understanding of certain agendas being played out I found it fascinating when he was speaking of the reptilian part of our brain, the survival, reactive part of our brains that are very useful in certain circumstances But when that part of our brain is experiencing fear, we will do about anything to keep safe, its primal. So in regards to the Covid virus, the fear that it has generated worldwide and our willingness to keep safe and protect those we love, how much of our freedom,liberty and individual sovereignty are we willing to give up And depending what we are giving up, where does that leave us long term Think of the patriot act after 9/11 we are still living with loss of freedoms from that under the guise to keep us safe There is really a much bigger picture than the Virus to consider . very thought provoking

Protestors for Freedom in Michigan

Out of Shadows Documentary

How did you learn to believe what you’ve learned to believe? You can find the documentary to watch for free on OutofShadows.org, it was just released today

Watch “[Exclusive investigative report] The first documentary movie on the origin of CCP virus(Coronavirus)” on YouTube

Well worth the time to watch

Watch “BIG Spike in the Schumann Resonance as PLUTO aligns with JUPITER 4/5/2020!” on YouTube

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