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Be the Bridge

Love as the bridge by dear sweet Tania

Tania Marie

The Bridge…..

See what someone can become – their wholeness of being, not solely what they appear to be.

See the magnificence of possibility in an individual. Then you can see what they are attached to as a current reality – their pain, their tragedies, their story of incompleteness.

By doing this you create the space between – an immeasurable void of enlightenment.

You see what is and what could be.

This place is the origin and return where the stars of the Cosmos are alive within.

When you meet someone in this void and infuse intent into the starry constellations of the heart center, a shift will occur and becoming is activated.

Stars move and form anew.

Love is the Bridge.


The Heart Chakra is where unconditional love resides. It is the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and…

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Watch “Special Energetic Update with Laura Walker 08 06 20” on YouTube

The energetics are building up beginning Friday through Sunday evening 8pm. It’s so important for us to be steadfast in what it is we want in our world moving forward. Keeping it positive by nurturing our well being. This is it. Its spiritual warfare that culminates in rebirth of what we desire. We have the power to turn this the way we want. Dont let fear control you. No matter what may appear to create fear. Know that our higher power is in control and the dark forces have no power over us or our world. Turning point is Sunday night, August 9th

Speaks to the energy of the heart


Watch “Do Black Lives Matter Donations REALLY Go to Black Lives?” on YouTube

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