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Watch “Parenting skills: Dad shows how to deal with a child’s tantrum. | Parenting advice” on YouTube

Really loved how this dad dealt with his daughters tantrum

November Energy Update: Major Month For Healing, Personal Clarity, Small Acts of Peace & More

Body Language – Tucker Carlson, Tony Bobulinski Alleged Dealings With Hunter & Joe Biden


Magnificence Is…

This message by sweet Tania Marie pleasures my soul. I’m very grateful for it, thank you sweet T. Also the photos are stunning. grabs me and sucks me in

Tania Marie

Magnificence is you alive in this moment.

Are there challenging things going on right now?


Yet, even amidst the twists and turns, the simple truth of your soul expressed in body is a miracle.

And that includes the myriad of experiences that are made possible because of being human at this moment.

Not only the experiences that are deemed good or pleasurable.

But every one of them, simply because they are even possible to be experienced, felt, and navigated with every part of our being.

Just a short message I wanted to share with all of you miraculous beings.

We’re heading out again Saturday, for a week, and so I wanted to send you this little note, as inspiration came through.

I likely won’t be blogging until we return, which means the next post will be a fun Full Blue Moon Halloween/Samhain share. Hehe!

Today happens to be the…

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Sharon Blackie ~ Becoming Who We Are


Laura Bruno's Blog

This newsletter/post by Dr. Sharon Blackie came through at such a synchronous moment for me — a series of reassurances that began with a dream and continued to unfold for over an hour.

It’s a beautiful, encouraging post in these times of certain change and uncertain outcomes. Highly recommended, affirming post. You can read it here.

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Watch “Gavin Newsom’s NEW COVID restrictions are CRAZY AS HE**” on YouTube

Insanity yet at same time so ridiculous I had to laugh. My son and his family still live in CA. Btw, hows that recall bbn petition coming along for Newsome

2021 Classes, Free Event & More

Wanted to share these unique offerings by sweet dear Tania Marie.

Tania Marie

Edging closer to the end of what has been quite the year, you might find yourself beginning to look toward 2021 with anticipation of renewed hope and desire for inspired action in various areas of your life. Perhaps this Autumn and Winter may be rich with foundational building and deepening in order to manifest leaps forward.

For me, things have changed dramatically and as you’ve seen some of that change has included returning, for the time being, to things like teaching and sessions, although I felt that part of my life had cycled through.

A big reason for this stems from a series of large to smaller rebirth experiences over the last few years that continue to release residual effects that have completely recalibrated, upgraded, and redesigned the expression of my soul in body and placed me on a different timeline. And if that doesn’t make sense in those terms…

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Current Energy Insights & Support

I had to share the post from sweet Tania. I hadnt finished all of it but knew what I have read needed to be shared. Doing ding ding. 😘

Tania Marie

How have you all been holding up recently?

I’ve heard and felt how for many it’s been a bit of an uphill battle, unsettling, or like hitting rock bottom yet again, as you rebuild from the inside out.

For some this return within is depleting and for others it’s been invigorating.

I know there’s a mix of despair, challenge in being hopeful, desire to withdraw, confusion about what to do next, and also excitement, new clarity, feelings of renewal, and deepening into more authentic embodiment than ever before.

Where ever you find yourself on the spectrum of experience, know that it’s all perfectly okay. If we’re honest about how we feel and we’re willing to feel it, then that’s the perfect journey to be on. Acknowledging and allowing the emotions to move through us creates space for something new.

I’m not going to go into all of the astrological aspects…

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