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Watch “Warmest Tent on Earth – Pitching in the Siberian Arctic Winter – Ненецкая палатка чум” on YouTube

Eagle & the Crow

The only bird that will peck at an Eagle, is the crow. He sits on his back and bites his neck. The Eagle does not respond or fight with the crow. It doesn’t waste time or energy on the crow. It simply opens it’s wings and begins to rise higher in the sky. The higher the flight, the harder it is for the crow to breathe. Eventually the crow falls due to lack of oxygen. Stop wasting your time with the crows.
Just take them to your heights and they’ll fade.

Too good not to share ❤️ May you fly to new heights….

Shared by Willie Keller on FB

Watch “Tearing Your Rights to Shreds: The Hospital System and Why You should Stay OUT” on YouTube

This nurse has legitimate concerns that we have heard about over the past year. Despite where she may stand politically, I myself would not dismiss her concerns. As an inhome caregiver for a number of clients I have seen this myself.

Awareness is key in making fully informed decisions. Be the advocate you would want for yourself. Much love.


From Lee Harris 🙏❤


What a spider web, eye opening.

I’m listening to BardsFM | Interview with Jim Pugh, By and For the People – Part 3 on Podbean, check it out! Although it’s looked through the eyes of spirituality, that doesnt take away from the truth that is laid out here. I knew pieces of this myself, but this gives a much bigger picture. https://www.podbean.com/ea/pb-w3an3-f97bae

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