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A wonderful contrast to earlier posts

A very informative understandable breakdown in regards to the experimental Covid injections

I personally believe in free will in every aspect of our individual journey, I also believe in having enough information to make informed decisions. I have family members that have taken the injections, some with no immediate reactions, and some with very debilitating reactions. I choose not to take this shot. I had vaccines as a kid back in the 60s. But I’ve chosen since then for me personally not to. I do not agree or accept mandates of forced shots. If you want one you should be able to get one. But if you dont want vaccinations, you should not be forced to get one.


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Help Needed

Update from the family on the GoFundMe

YESTERDAYby Jake Valoczky, Organizer Hi Everyone! I just wanted to do another update to thank everyone again for their immense support and generosity! in just 2 days we doubled our initial goal and are at $200,000 now. We never thought anything like this would be possible but you all proved us wrong, we thank you so much again 🙂 Quick update on Heather and the kids. Heather is working very hard in physical therapy and has been busy all week exercising but she has heard about the donations and she feels truly blessed, she cannot thank everyone enough for their help, she will do a follow-up video soon but is just so overwhelmed right now with everything, there is a lot going on this week. you guys have really made a huge difference. Mason and Mina have visited the doctors for their checkup and therapist for their mental health and they are doing very well! We have been reading the comments and it’s so wonderful seeing so many loving people care about our family, we love you guys too! Again we thank everyone so much for the donations 🙂

I have followed Heather’s YT channel for a few years. Her husband Matt was an integral part of the channel. It’s called the Kneady Homesteader. She , her husband Matt and their two small children were hit by a drunk driver on Feb 13th. Matt was killed instantly on impact, Heather was critically injured, and their 2 kids were injured as well but expected to make a full recovery. Heather has a long road in her recovery but is making strides in rehabilitation hospital each day. The driver that hit them was uninsured. With Matt’s passing, they lost his paycheck and Heather is unable to do YT right now. They have funeral, medical and their normal monthly expenses to make. If you feel so inclined please donate, otherwise prayers are very much appreciated. thank you 💜😥


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