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Silent Devotion Anchoring New Depths

So beautiful and moving on so many levels. Thank you so much for your vulnerable share sweet T

Tania Marie

Today’s Strawberry Capricorn Full Moon is the last Supermoon in the cycle of three for 2021. The Moon symbolizes your inner emotional world and when she’s full she helps to illuminate the truth for you to see about yourself and your relationship to everything outside of yourself. Know your worth and don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve. This is a great time to confront the things you have been avoiding or aren’t seeing in all areas of your life. Responsible Capricorn supports a stronger and more cultivated foundation (spiritual roots) to your life expression/purpose and helps you to solidify and identify your priorities and values in productive and balanced ways.

Today felt like the aligned time to share about my experience away last week on silent retreat, as one of the themes that popped up for me during it was that of “devotional living,” which feels Capricorn…

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CV Jab, most recent VAERS numbers, who do you turn to

The numbers of Americans experiencing side affects and death via the CV jab is mounting. When you signed the paper they gave you prior to taking the jab, it shared the fact that you could not hold pharmaceutical companies responsible. You have no recourse. Trying to change that. The numbers used here are considered 1% of actual totals from Vaers. Remember this is an experimental injection using ingredients that alter your dna and change cell structures with nanotech, etc. these ingredients have never been used before. If you have not taken the injection please rethink before doing so. This is a viral infection that has a survival rate of 97%. Do you really want to take a chance on your well being.


The Next Phase and a Collective Dream

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Watch “Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment” on YouTube

By Andrew Johnson

More scams being publicised in the media as if they are real. If you want a more complete picture, please download and read my free book – you won’t get all that information in one place anywhere else, to my knowledge.

Book: Climate Change and Global Warming – Exposed: Hidden Evidence, Disguised Plans

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Watch “NOMAD LIFE CAMPING with WILDLIFE! A slice of Yellowstone in Utah | Antelope Island | Van Life” on YouTube

Catherine’s videos are pure poetry

Dreaming is the first step

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