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Creatorship of Choice

So happy to share this post by Tania Marie, sweet T

Tania Marie

A lot of things have been in motion and shifting since Twosday in the micro and macro worlds. And here at the Forest Portal things have been soft, but stirring. 2/22/2022 brought in our third snow storm, leaving a new blanket of white over the snow that still hasn’t melted since our huge December storms. We got nearly a foot by us and at the tops of the mountains there was just under two feet of extra coverage.

I’m fascinated by the oscillating back and forth between melting and feeling like Spring to dropping temps fast and pulling the snow blankets back over, as it feels reflective of the collective pendulum that continues to swing. It also feels reflective of there being a need for more inside action before fully throwing ourselves into things out there.

There’s no doubt a continuation of contrasting experiences with both intensities rising and relief…

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Lovely surprise


Multiple Timelines

What will you choose. Thank you so much Laura 💜

Laura Bruno's Blog

Multiple timelines are in effect. Not everyone is on the same trajectory, so tend to your own reality. Pray for discernment to follow the best path for you. This might look and feel very different than the path of those around you, whether in person or online.

Multiple options exist — some of them full on dystopia, some with moments of sorrow but also new levels of joy and regeneration. Creativity is as — or even more — important than consciousness, at this juncture. What kind of story are you “writing”?

To each their own.

Many will abdicate their creative power and get swept away by someone else’s narrative. This, too, is choice. Do your best to choose wisely — for you. Just know that choices exist.

Love and Blessings ….


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Watch “Trudeau Ends Emergencies Act BECAUSE HE WAS LOSING!” on YouTube

Interesting turn of events. Now what about the original tyranny that the truckers were protesting, as well as the abuse of the truckers by taking their trucks, arresting them, beating and harming them as well as freezing their bank accounts

US Pluto Return 2022-2024

Thank you Laura. We shall see how things unfold. Prayers for the highest good of all

Laura Bruno's Blog

Many people are reporting the first exact US Pluto Return (to the exact degree and minute of its place on July 4, 1776) occurs tomorrow, 2/22/22. While a potent date with all those two’s, the first exact US Pluto Return actually occurred yesterday afternoon (Eastern US time, 2/20/22). I suspect one person put the date at 2/22/22, and then everyone else went with those magical numbers without checking the true degree and minutes. No matter — we’ve felt the lead up to this for at least six years, and exact conjunctions occur and reoccur throughout 2022 and 2024.

I only mention that we already hit the first exact US Pluto Return yesterday, so that anyone dreading that date knows it already occurred. We survived!

I explained to a friend yesterday:

What’s really weird is that the US Pluto Return appears to be happening in Canada — right now. It’s not…

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Happiest Pup!!!


Watch “Trudeau: Bouncy Castles ARE DANGEROUS TO DEMOCRACY & TRUCKERS” on YouTube


Watch “”If I Were the Devil” by Paul Harvey” on YouTube

This was recorded in 1965 by Paul Harvey, one of the great storytellers. How did he know at that point of all he spoke of we are living today. It’s a quick 3 mins and 10 seconds.

Watch “Will American Patriots Block Canadian Border to Fight Trudeau?” on YouTube

Will you help? One of my Canadian YT brothers, put together this piece after I put out the question, why dont the Americans go to the border and block on this side. This short video explains the particular spots that could use some help

Watch “Emergencies Act EXPLAINED: Secret Oath” on YouTube

This is what Trudeau is considering to use against the Truckers Freedom Convoy. It’s never been used until possibly now, for those of us that dont understand what this means

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