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Where’s My Ring

Over a week ago, I lost my ring. I was pretty sure I lost at one of my clients. I wash my hands allot , which means I take off my ring after I dry them and put lotion on. And then put my ring on. It’s the only ring I have with a euro shank band. I checked with my clients to no avail. It was a favorite ring of mine. I even looked on the website where I purchased it from, to see if I could buy another one. They didnt carry it any longer. So I prayed, asking God if I was meant to get it back put it where I could find it. And let it go.

This morning I was looking through the case I keep rings in I dont wear. I havent been in that case in months. I thought I’d find a ring I might like to wear in there. As I went through each one, I found one that initially resembled my ring, the more I looked at it the more I realized this was my ring that I had lost. Infact it looked like it had been all polished up too. Bright and shiny. Super grateful to God for answering my prayer. Theres no prayer too big or small that God doesnt answer. Really happy to have it back. 🙏💜🙏😊

Watch “Fairy Cottage Renovation and Decoration” on YouTube

Sunset just now

Visibility, Invisibility and Protection

Couldnt let this one pass without posting fromdear Laura Bruno

Laura Bruno's Blog

Today’s post mostly comes from a dream download and my journal of realizations I had while typing up the dream download. I share this because I was “told” to share it, so here goes:

3:00 a.m.

Awoke realizing it’s not just my blog, it’s me. I am not of this world. My blog and home are like Avalon. Not everyone can see or find them, even if they’ve been there before.

I never put it together that it was not just the search engine with my blog — I (and others) can look up “Laura Bruno blog” and it won’t come up. Neither will “Laura Bruno WordPress.” I’m hearing this more and more from clients that they can’t find my blog. And yet, if someone really needs to find me, I come up as the #1 search engine ranking for whatever they need. Like “medical intuitive.” I am…

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Watch “Danny Boy” on YouTube

With St Patrick’s Day coming up this week, thought I’d share this very nice version that a family showcases at home

Watch “Cherokee Elder Wisdom for Hard Times” on YouTube

Full Moon in Virgo ~ March 18, 2022


Laura Bruno's Blog

Last month’s Full Moon write-up posted itself nine days early. So many people thanked me for the longer than usual heads up that I feel led to post this one extra early, too.

My March 2022 Forecast shared:

March 18 Full Moon in Virgo, 3:18 a.m. Eastern. This intense Full Moon urges us to choose — and choose well. Wishy-washy won’t do. Beware of accepting whatever comes your way. Pay attention! Humanity’s at an important juncture. This is not a time for laziness, addictions or zoning out. You have a real chance to level up. Practice discipline and discernment, so that you can tell the difference between true guidance and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

We always round up for Sabian Symbols, and according to Dane Rudhyar, the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is:


KEYNOTE: The sheer…

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It’s Not Too Soon to Plan Your Garden …

Laura sharing wonderful tips on various ways to approaching gardening

Laura Bruno's Blog

Just a little garden inspiration for people who’ve never gardened before or have only a small space to grow vegetables. Whether a potted tomato on your patio, or a mini herb garden, even the tiniest amount of homegrown food fills you with flavor and a sense of real accomplishment. Getting your hands in the dirt is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your mood and raise your vibration.

It always helps to brainstorm a garden before planting it. You’ll save money, time, and have much more success with at least a little planning. Yes, there’s room for spontaneous additions, but spend some preemptive time observing your intended site(s) and gathering seeds and other supplies.

BBC Gardener of the Decade Katherine Crouch packs so many tips into this one video. I’ve intensively gardened for over a decade, and I learned a bunch in 20 minutes:

I’ve used Big…

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Amazing Avocado Hack

No more waste! Thanks so much Laura

Laura Bruno's Blog

This has nothing to do with anything, but it’s so cool I want to shout it from the rooftops. I forget where David read about this, but it involves storing avocados for an extended time at peak ripeness.

You know how the window between baseball, ripe and rotten avocados is more of a peephole than a sliding glass door? The secret to keeping avocados ripe is to allow them to ripen on the counter until at or just before peak ripeness. Then store them in the refrigerator, covered in water.

I’ve now had four perfect avocados that ripened over a week ago. No yucky brown strings. Just perfect green, soft yet firm texture. For anyone who loves avocados and hates wasting food, this technique is life changing. I don’t think I’m exaggerating, but your mileage may vary.

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March 2, 2022 ~ New Moon in Pisces

Sharing from dear Laura.

Laura Bruno's Blog

My March 2022 Forecast shared:

March 2 New Moon in Pisces, 12:34 p.m. Eastern time. This New Moon in the most spiritual sign of the zodiac occurs during the quadruple whammy, destiny level re-alignment involving Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn and the North Node in Taurus. In addition to those powerful players, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces. Jupiter co-rules Pisces with Neptune, and his regal presence expands, uplifts and inspires. Our capacity for faith soars. This is the final New Moon before we begin a new cycle. Do we have the willpower to change? Will we claim our own personal Excalibur and fight the good fight? This is primarily a spiritual battle: “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

Typical of the more negative expression of Pisces, we’re currently in a miasma of illusions, evocative of Arthurian legend. Never mind the Mists of…

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