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Where’s My Ring

Over a week ago, I lost my ring. I was pretty sure I lost at one of my clients. I wash my hands allot , which means I take off my ring after I dry them and put lotion on. And then put my ring on. It’s the only ring I have with a euro shank band. I checked with my clients to no avail. It was a favorite ring of mine. I even looked on the website where I purchased it from, to see if I could buy another one. They didnt carry it any longer. So I prayed, asking God if I was meant to get it back put it where I could find it. And let it go.

This morning I was looking through the case I keep rings in I dont wear. I havent been in that case in months. I thought I’d find a ring I might like to wear in there. As I went through each one, I found one that initially resembled my ring, the more I looked at it the more I realized this was my ring that I had lost. Infact it looked like it had been all polished up too. Bright and shiny. Super grateful to God for answering my prayer. Theres no prayer too big or small that God doesnt answer. Really happy to have it back. šŸ™šŸ’œšŸ™šŸ˜Š

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  1. What an awesome story D! The faeries sure took care of it for you. hehe! Any message you feel it might have had?


    • Thanks sweet T. Sure did.
      I felt a number of messages. I’m almost certain I dod leave it at one particular clients home. They have dementia and things are always going missing. So I needed to understand it wasnt some on purpose and dont become frustrated. I took the human footsteps looking everywhere I could even at other clients. Even when I started to look it up to possibly purchase again, although it wasnt there it also came to me to trust. To go ahead and humbly ask for what I wanted to see happen and that was my ring returned. I then released it. So also the letting go and allow things to unfold. Then listening internally that suggest I go and find another ring to wear instead. I did that actua)ly the say before and found one. I wore it yesterday but it didnt feel right, so I looked again. And there it was. Listen, ask for what i want, trust and listen again

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    • I just had another thought about the message. It relates to the Lord of the Rings. Where there was an epic fight against light and dark. And much of what has been going on in the world has seemed to present itself as such. In my own world I came at it a different way in this instance. It was very peaceful.

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  2. Neal Williams said:

    Such a great story and synchronicity. They are happening, a lot, to a lot of of people. I’m happy you found it. I’ve been doing this for a while. If I can’t find something I put it out to the Universe and POW, there it is. Very synchronistic too, about the shiny bit. I was listening to something this morning about how beautiful and shiny we are, we just need to clear the dust off. Have a great day.


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