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May 2022 Forecast and Second Quarter North Node Horoscopes

Lots to look forward to.

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After a long, surreal April, energies intensify in May. We begin the month on the heels of a potent Solar Eclipse in Taurus on Beltane Eve. This sets the stage for some of the same actors playing very different roles. If you’re not sure where it’s all going, you’re not alone. Let the story unfold before you make firm decisions about its value. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised by the performance. And remember: “This is a participatory universe.” You are also in the show you’re watching. If you don’t like the play, you might want to ad-lib.

May 2 Venus enters Aries. Venus moves into the sign of Mars. She’ll spend a little over three weeks here, increasing desire for relationships. She builds confidence but also feels a bit off kilter. Taking risks for the sake of love seems easier, but beware of jealousy…

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Watch “Crushing Snakes (Lyric Video) – Crowder ft. Taya Smith Gaukrodger” on YouTube

Happy Earth Day!

Sharing from dear Laura. Let it be so!

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Dear Mama Earth,

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of you, I was going to write a long blog post calling for actual detoxifying, beautifying and protective solutions — not just green-washing of other agendas in the name of “sustainability.” Then I realized I painted a portal for that very thing, way back in February 2014. I’ve already reblogged it, so I’ll just link to it again here. Sorry it’s taking so long to fully unfold. May it become so!

With so much love and gratitude,


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The Ring. Part 2

The ring, part 2.
This morning I was putting on my make up at my kitchen table. The light is best there. I reached over to turn on the lamp and I hear something drop on the table. It’s my ring. I thought it must have slid off my finger as I was reaching. So I picked it up to put back on and I see my ring is already on my finger. Same exact ring. Now if you’re thinking it was there all along, you’d be incorrect because I completely cleared the table a number of times looking for it originally. Finding nothing. And how do you explain the exact ring I found in my ring box later. And now this one. And it dropped onto the table just as I was reaching to turn on the lamp. I feel beautiful abundance and trust in letting go. Theres a meaning to the fact I was reaching for the light as well Thank you, thank you 💜

A gift.

Found this feather this morning as I opened my car door to step out at my clients. Many shades of grey.
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