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Watch “Great Depression Cooking – Dandelion Salad” on YouTube

I ran across this sweetheart of a woman on YT. This is one of many tips and recipes she shares. She has since passed but she is 93 is this video

One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations;

One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations;

constitutes the brotherhood of man; ends wars; fulfils the Scripture, “Love thy neighbor as thyself;” annihilates pagan and Christian idolatry, — whatever is wrong in social, civil, criminal, political, and religious codes; equalizes the sexes; annuls the curse on man, and leaves nothing that can sin, suffer, be punished or destroyed.

— Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,
p. 340, emphasis added

Watch “England Dan & John Ford Coley…Love is the Answer” on YouTube

Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June 14, 2022

Sharing, thank you Laura. Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds

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My June 2022 Forecast notes:

June 14 Full Moon in Sagittarius, 7:52 a.m. Eastern US time. Known as the Strong Sun Moon, Rose Moon, Honey Moon or Strawberry Moon, this is also the first of three Supermoons, making it appear extra large in the sky. This Moon point suggests good fortune and sweet reward for those who dance to the beat of their own inner drum. Pray for guidance, and trust your intuition to guide you well.

I don’t know what to make of this, but it’s so precise I need to mention it. The June 14, 2022 Full Moon occurs on Donald Trump’s birthday and closely conjuncts the Full Moon that happened the day he was born. It’s actually in the very same degree as the Full Moon on June 14, 1946. The Sun-Moon axis in 2022 closely aligns with Donald Trump’s natal Sun-Moon axis. However you feel…

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Arizona’s Native American Church Minister forced himself to plead guilty to practicing his religious rights to avoid go to prison

Note: I know Adam and his heart is pure. What happened and continues to happen regarding his case is so very wrong. At the same time this was beginning to unfold, Adam lost his beloved mother to Covid


June 2022.- After the Arizona State and Yavapai County Superior Court dropped nine criminal charges out of ten filed, all related to Indigenous traditions, against Adam DeArmon, Founding Minister of the Oklevueha Native American Church of the International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom (ONAC and ICSAW), he decided to plead guilty to the charge of paraphernalia (possession of a plastic bag containing something unrelated to methamphetamine or marijuana), in Arizona. Adam DeArmon decided to make this resolution after a year of an interminable previous path that has kept him isolated and separated from his religious duties and rights while paying large amounts of money in lawyers and state fines that are no longer sustainable and that have caused serious physical and psychological damage to him and his family.
Adam ¨YellowBird¨ DeArmon, is a tribal member of Choctaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation and is world renowned by the different indigenous nations of North, Central and South America, Australia, Japan and Germany, for his integrative work in the preservation of native traditions. He along with other members of the church were raided during a ceremony last February 2nd, 2021, at his federally recognized church and home located in Arizona, by PANT and the local Sheriff’s Department carrying semi-automatic weapons. The law enforcement officers destroyed all sacred plants protected by federal law for which DeArmon is the designated spiritual custodian of the Oklevueha Native American Church for Native American tradition, confiscated all medicinal products, destroyed the farm and took all money, as well as sacred objects used during religious and spiritual ceremonies of great ancestral value to Native and non-Native Americans.
“Whether it is an assault on an indigenous church, a Christian church or an indigenous home, what has happened to me is a violation of our religious rights that has been happening for 500 years to our indigenous peoples of the world and now is the time to join efforts among all indigenous races and tribes to make governments listen to our voices from the North, Central and South America, united as the fingers of our hands and we can finally enforce our rich ancestral customs and sacred lands (protected by the RLUPA Act), and stop the abuses and injustices once and for all,” said Adam YellowBird DeArmon.
“I call on all the country’s media, bloggers, politicians, influencers and friends of indigenous communities and their rich customs, to raise their voices and support me, so that we can achieve the long-desired union in respect, justice and communion, of indigenous peoples and governments, the time is now”, Adam emphasized.
In this regard, Patricio Dominguez, founder and president of the Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge and founding member of One People Tribal Nation, who has known Adam DeArmon since 1995 as one of the chosen ones for the union of the indigenous peoples of the world on the eve of the new era, assures that Adam YellowBird did nothing wrong. “The only reason Adam was targeted was because he started to succeed in his mission, he started to accumulate enough power to be noticed and the other side had to silence him in any way possible. Fortunately, Adam has a pure and impeccable life, and they could not find any criminal activity in his entire career against him. So, the government was forced to waive nine of the ten charges brought against him because they knew they were going to lose. This case is a precedent for any future cases in defense of indigenous peoples and the abuses they are subjected to by the authorities every day. We must all support Adam to get him completely free,” said Patricio Domínguez.
In addition, human rights activist and founder of USA Refugees & Immigrants, Carmen J. Gimenez, in support of Adam and the protection and preservation of Indigenous Rights and traditions, invites all Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in the United States and around the world to raise their voices and unite to reclaim the rights of First Nations to practice their cultural and religious customs in the way they were traditionally taught so that once and for all the abuses against native peoples and their religious practices can end, which only seek the growth of the state of Being by promoting and encouraging contact with the natural world and all that Mother Earth lovingly gives to humanity,” Gimenez said.
Adam “YellowBird” DeArmon, currently residing in California and has been illegally stripped of all his property, money and health products that were taken and destroyed from his church and represent the work of over 20 years of preserving Peyote in Arizona. He is helpless and unable to afford the hefty sums being demanded by lawyers to defend him until he proves his innocence on the paraphernalia charge, which DeArmon sees as an excuse used to silence his voice and that of the indigenous people and their cultural and religious practices which he grew up with and which are part of the idiosyncrasies of the indigenous nations of the world.
This Native American Church leader has opened a gofundme account: https://gofund.me/8bc68bca for those who want to contribute to his cause in order to pay the legal fees to get to the end of this matter and compensate for the loss of all the assets that the authorities have illegally taken from him and ONAC of ICSAW.
For more information about Adam YellowBird DeArmon and his biography: http://www.adamdearmon.com

More about Adam YellowBird DeArmon
Adam ¨YellowBird¨ DeArmon, grew up on the Reservations of the Dakotas every summer since he was a teenager. From then on, he was trained under the precepts of the ancestral wisdom of its elders, learned the meaning of each of the ceremonies for the strengthening of the spirit and the health of the people and was assigned the name of YellowBird which gave him the responsibility of working with government and Natives tribes united.
YellowBird began his native spiritual journey in North America, Central America, South America and other native reservations where he lived and worked with various indigenous communities around the world, such as the Hopi, Havasupai, Cherokee, Kogi, Arhuaco, Mayan, Shipibo, Q’uero, Aymara, German and Hebrew Aborigines, learning from their plants, prayers and wisdom, to later create the International Center for Spiritual and Ancestral Knowledge ICSAW, a non-profit organization that seeks to bring together all tribal leaders of the world in a respectful meeting to achieve improvements in the quality of life of their communities, achieve understanding with government authorities and preserve native ancestral customs, from a perspective of peace and understanding.
Adam YellowBird¨ DeArmon has conducted various indigenous multicultural activities around the world, bringing ancestral dance, song and prayer to hundreds of communities over the past 28 years and has been honored as a Goodwill Ambassador of the Great Council of Indigenous Peoples of Peace for the Goodwill Treaty for his enthusiastic and dedicated work in preserving indigenous cultures.

Another supporter for Adam YellowBird DeArmon
Bigg Up Healing Water – Ambassador of Peace of UN and Chief & Prime Minister of Iriquois Aboriginal Native Tribe Nations.
Regarding this case, Ambassador of Peace and Representative of Indigenous Nations to the UN, Bigg Up Healing Water stated: “What our brother Adam YellowBird is experiencing is one more outrage against the practice and preservation of our native-religious customs, that we indigenous people have been suffering unjustly for many years. We cannot allow the authorities, in the name of law and governments, and ignoring the importance of ancestral native customs, to erase our religious customs, our language, our way of healing and educating our children that we have traditionally been practicing for thousands of years, long before the colonizer men came to these lands to impose their religion and beliefs on us. This unfortunate outcome against Adam ¨YellowBird¨ DeArmon, considered a world native spiritual leader, is an absolute violation of the rights of the world’s indigenous people, but especially, a violation of the right to free religion of the United States of America Constitution”, pointed out Bigg Up Healing Water.
This press release is emitted by:
Oklevueha Native American Church of the International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom (ONAC and ICSAW)

Press contact for interviews with Adam YellowBird DeArmon:
Patricia Carles / pcarlesconsulting@gmail.com / +1 786.9916497

Mia Feroleto and Chief Henry Red Cloud Interviewed by Abby Martin

All those who are interested in assisting in the ascension of our planet and its beings will want to listen to this. Please share far and wide.

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This is a disturbing but important post. Though difficult to fathom, some kind of karmic reckoning will take place one way or another. The more of us who recognize and shift these energies, the less need there will be for all of America to experience this level of occupation and destruction.

I can only say with a tearful and compassionate heart that I, for one, am deeply sorry for the actions of aggressors at the Wounded Knee massacre. We cannot change what happened in the past, but we can hold accountable the current Board Members at the Barre Museum. We can insist on the repatriation of human remains and sacred artifacts. “Just following orders” is no excuse. We must each face the demons in our own hearts and minds, and find the power to move forward in new ways, beyond the victim/abuser cycle.

You can find more information about the…

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