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Watch “Uncle Tom II – A Review by @Jericho Green (WARNING: SPOILERS)” on YouTube

Regarding the review, warning some harsh language and out of the box ideas and information. The movie itself is worth watching go to UncleTom.com More instances where ideologies are used to separate people and we allow it. We have more in common than ever before because this tactic is used in so many aspects of our societies. I’d like to believe we are more aware of it now

If you thank..

By Matt Kahn


Watch “Doggie School Bus picks up pups for ‘school'” on YouTube

Doing what he loves. Look how happy the doggies are

Revolving Doors ~ Walkers of the In Between

Had to sure this magically potent post by sweet Tania Marie


Tibetan Healing Sounds

Sharing, soothing sounds. Thank you Laura❤

Laura Bruno's Blog

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Watch “Dead Can Dance Anabasis” on YouTube

Otherworldly amazing voice and music.

Watch “Improvisation in B Minor” on YouTube

New Moon in Libra ~ September 25, 2022

The latest update from Laura’s astrology report from earlier this month, with a reminder of upcoming dates and sone recent thoughts from Laura.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Given all the chatter around “September 24,” I’m posting this ahead of time so people can prepare for the energies. I keep telling clients that it’s VERY difficult right now to pin down exactly what will happen when. So many moving parts are in effect. It feels like life is screaming, “Category 5 Hurricane, Category 5 Hurricane.”

My personal sense is that yes, we are approaching a metaphorical hurricane, and things LOOK bad in some areas. I feel like we’ll wind up with more of a Category 2 Hurricane — significant change, some of it quite radical, but I feel like humanity is actually on the most positive timeline available right now. Some areas won’t even experience a hurricane, just much needed rain. Some people and some areas will have targeted tornadoes in addition to that Category 2 Hurricane. I speak in metaphors, but perhaps also literally.

Bottom line, the…

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Sweet baby birds

Miracle and I have found one baby bird and one hummingbird struggling over the last few weeks. Last night it was the hummingbird. Miracle noticed something in a puddle and I saw it just as she put it in her mouth. It almost looked like a button mushroom head. But then I saw it start moving and flapping. I opened Mirs mouth and realized it was a tiny humming bird. The part I thought was a mushroom was its belly. I held it in my hand. Talked and stroked it gently. Miracle really wanted it back. So it was a bit of a struggle. I found a bush to set it under while it had a chance to normalize. I checked this morning and it was gone. If Miracle hadnt spotted it, it would have drowned. It had been on it’s back. I dont know what had happened. If it was a baby and fell from the tree overhead. But it’s safe.
Last week I ran across a baby bird In the same area. It was fluttering lopsided in circles. I picked it up, held it and spoke to it softly. It calmed down. Sending healing energy, same with hummingbird. And I had sat it under and in the same bush. Next day it was gone too. I almost wonder if that bush was a safety portal. Both times Mir with me.

Watch “WORLD GOING CRAZY | Stress and Endurance” on YouTube

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