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Watch “How to Prepare for March 2023 Energies” on YouTube

A wonderful post for all but especially for those that are lay people where astrology is concerned.

Thank you dear Laura Bruno😘🥰

Scott Ritter’s Cancelled Rage Against The War Machine Talk

This was brought to my attention tonight. I dont know much about this man, or why they thought they had to cancel him. But if you listen to his heartfelt call for Peace between us as citizens and Russian citizens initially and then extends it to all, its very powerful and feels to be a call of intention not only personally but to all. Its 15 mins long but I feel it’s worth the time. It certainly speaks to my heart.


What are you grateful for ðŸ’š

I was inspired by Laura Bruno’s most recent post. She had uplifted me and others with that post. So I decided to do something that will help to upgrade the energies around me and others that I come in contact with. I decided to take a small step to see how it goes.

As Laura mentioned its important to change our perspectives. One of the ways I do that is start a list of gratitude. Sometimes it’s one thing, other times it can be 10 items. No matter what its something we can do for ourselves and the collective.

I decided to do this on FB this morning and I’ve already received 12 comments. I’ve decided this will be an ongoing practice on FB.

So I’m asking you, what are you grateful for today. I’ll start off. I’m grateful for anyone that uplifts as they move through life. ❤❤❤❤❤

Fear or Flowers: Love in the Time of Transmutation

For whatever reason I’m having issues rebloging Laura Bruno’s posts. This one feels very worthwhile to share and inject its message and energy into the collective. So here we go. Many thanks Laura. Let’s make our choices count in a way that creates something we want to see and feel


The Sound of Peace On Earth


New Moon in Pisces ~ February 19-20, 2023

Sharing, important to continue self care and really tune into whatever you intuition is saying to you. thanks so much Laura. Only way I was able to share


Absolutely magic filled


Watch “Journey – Girl Can’t Help It (Official Video – 1986)” on YouTube


The Black Rabbit Made Me Do It

This is such a great post by sweet T, Tania Marie. This is the only way I’m able to post it right now but I hope you take the opportunity to read it.



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