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Testimonial from Judy Nelson for Freckles 5/8/11

This was copied with permission from an email I received from Judy and Freckles today.
So glad Freckles is doing so well. What a sweet pup and thank you Judy for allowing me
to share this with everyone. It was really something to witness and be a conduit for.
Hi Dawn,
I am writing to thank you so much for the Reiki you did the other night on Freckles (the dog). The wound. as you and I both saw, (and gasped) was pretty deep and about 1 inch long. You immediately did Reiki and my pup calmed right down. And the bleeding stopped almost as quickly as it started. He allowed you to put the ice on his head and he sat quietly until I could get myself together to get him in the car to the Vets. Thank you for coming with us. Well, when the Doctor came back with Freckles and his little shaved head, the wound which was quite deep and severe was now nothing more than a puncture and a scratch. Holy cow, that was amazing! You and I both looked at one another with a puzzled look and went… “What?!!!” that’s too crazy.
Thank you amazing beautiful, medicine woman,
With big love… Judy and Freckles Sent from my iPad 5/8/11

Freckles – Contemplating Life



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