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Watch “”Oh no he didn’t!” – “Oh YES he did!” – LOL” on YouTube

Happy Earth Day, every day 🤗. One of Earth’s amazing beings


Watch “They’re walking right up to people! – Extraordinary Situation Underway” on YouTube

Birds in Wisconsin need our help. Bird Emergency due to the weather. Please watch for instructions ❤️

Finding your courage

Skillfully written and shared

This is one of your best shares dear medicine sister. Congratulations on a major soul retrieval. Jaguar is so powerful. It’s one of my favorites of the directions. Jaguar can take you to the Underworld and guide you so fiercely as you shared, as well as get you out safely.

Big hugs and congrats on your new and latest becoming. I’m such a fan😘. Love you

Renaissance Rogue

For those of  you who are familiar with the Medicine path of the Q’ero Shamans, I dreamed of Jaguar through out the night.
In addition to the Andean Shamanic tradition, I incorporate the Kabbalistic tradition as well.
Archangel Gabriel, similar to the West archetype of Jaguar, is the angel of fire, minister of courage, bravery, judgement and also is expressed as a warrior, sent to assist humanity to surpass fear, old traumas and move into an illuminated life of peaceful power.
They both appeared in my dream last night.
I saw myself in a coffin half way dug in a grave of dirt. There was a piece of cloth shoved in my throat that was keeping me from speaking. There were words on this coffin, it said “Victim.”
I immediately began digging myself out in my dream. I drug my limp arm onto the surrounding green grass and began shouting…

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Addressing Some Misunderstandings About Rabbits

Posted by my dear bunny lover and advocate Tania Marie


Today’s (4-13-18) “Event” in Syria… “Hold the Light for this planet” and “I suggest all refrain from ‘freaking out’ about it” (Hey, that’s MSM’s job)


5G wireless: a ridiculous front for global control


Timothy Glenn ~ Global Metamorphosis 2018 Update


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