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An Unforgettable Teacher, my animal totem spirit guide

August/September 2008

A few weeks ago on the way to the church Saturday morning, in the median of Carmel Valley Road, there was a deer.  At first when I spotted it, I thought how lovely and I was lost in its essence.  The next thought was of apprehension as I passed by it thinking, I hope you stay there little guy, do not bolt out.   At that moment, checking the rear view mirror I saw that he did try to cross the road in front of on-coming cars.

He was hit by a truck, lifted in the air, and then thrown to the side of the road.  My stomach sank and my heart grew heavy.  I started to feel the tears well up in my eyes.  Right then I knew I needed to stop and see about him.  For whatever reason that morning, I had left home much earlier than I would have normally, I felt this was why.

I recently received my Reiki Master Teacher certification.  Reiki is an ancient form of body energy work, re-discovered in the mid 1800’s by a Japanese man named Usui Mikao.  It helps to relax the body, uplifting the spirit, and promotes healing as well as peace.  It also can be beneficial in assisting people and animals in transition from this life through the passage known as “death” in a more peaceful and harmonious manner.  It also eases pain as well as dissipating emotional, mental, physical and spiritual limitations and blocks.  I knew I could help the deer in some capacity.  I remembering wishing I had a cell phone to contact the SPCA Wildlife Center to come to assist.

The woman who had hit the deer stopped as well.  She was crying and very distraught.  I did what I could to calm her and reassure her that she needn’t blame herself.  I gave her a hug and sat her on the side of the road, then headed to the deer.  It was a young and beautiful buck.  I could see injuries to his body.  He was unconscious but his breathing was shallow.  I began praying and stared Reiki on the deer, knowing it would help to give him much comfort and peace, despite lying on the side of the road injured with all the noisy cars whirring by.

I kept praying as the Reiki flowed that they Wildlife Center needed to be called.  Another woman stopped, but her cell phone did not work.  At this point, the buck had awakened but was very calm and did not try to move.  I was very close to him position my hands at the critical areas on him but just above him about 6 inches.  The woman tried to move closer, and he started to thrash.  I asked her is she could move back.  His eyes were fixed on me and divine universal life force energy was flowing to him.

The thought came again about calling the Wildlife Center.  A few seconds later, a man stopped, and as if he had heard my thoughts he spoke up to say he used to be on the board of the SPCA and would call the Wildlife Center.  I said quietly to myself thank you God for sending him to us.  The deer stayed calm and peaceful.

The Wildlife Center arrived with one of the women I have worked with.  She brought a blanket to cover the deer and put it over his head.  She said we do this to ease their stress.  Nevertheless, as soon as she put the blanket over his head he seemed to have anxiety and started kicking around.  The other woman said, “ I don’t think he lies that blanket over his head,” so she pulled it off for a second.  The minute she did, he calmed down as soon as our eyes connected.

The Wildlife Center looked him over and announced he had severe internal injuries and would not be able to save him.  He would be euthanized.  My heard sank, but I had sensed that.  She said we can give him a sedative for right now until we can get him back to the Center.  I was relieved to hear that.

I had been there for over an hour.  I had promised myself I would not leave his side until help came.  It was time for me to take my leave.  I said my goodbyes to him, whispered to him how beautiful and magnificent he was as well as how sorry I was about what happened to him.  I thanked him for allowing me to help him, that it had been an honor, a wonderful gift, one that I would never forget.  I walked back to my car with tears streaming down my face but knowing he was in God’s hands now, as he had been all along.  As I worked that day, I had a flood of emotions but knew something very special had taken place.

A final note, the night before this encounter I had been praying for a sign on whether it was the right time for me to take the Reiki Master/Teacher certification class.  I felt I had my answer; I took my class and was certified.

God please bless this magnificent and courageous buck.  He was a wonderful teacher sent by you from heaven.  I see the buck in my mind’s eye on a hillside with abundant green pastures and wild flowers, blue skies and a lovely clear pond with others like him.  I smile at that thought of him and feel tremendous gratitude for him and all of God’s angels on earth.

Gentle Deer

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