Where Innocence and Joy Reside

Reiki I, II, III and Master/Teacher Class Certifications and Fees

Reiki I Class includes the following

Fee:  $150.00

1.  What is Reiki?

2.  How does Reiki work?

3.  History of Reiki.

4.  Explain Attunement

5.  Gassho meditation – what it is and use.

6.  Reiki I Attunement

7.  Student’s experience with attunement & meditation.

8.  Students experience feel of Reiki.

9.  Byosen Scanning and Reji-ho.

10.  Explain and practice standard treatment with all hand positions.

11.  Explain and demonstrate Kenyoku.

12.  Hayashi Healing Guide.

13.  Testing/Certificate.

Reiki II – Class includes the following

Fee:  $225.00

1.  Discuss Reiki II Symbols

2.  Explain and demo Koki-ho.

3.  Explain and demo Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho

4.  Test on symbols

5.  Reiki II Attunement include Gassho at beginning

6.  Students share attunement experiences

7.  Explain complete treatment using all symbols

8.  Students practice Reiki without symbols, then using each symbol to see how it feels

9.  Practice Koki-ho, Gyoshi-ho, and enkaku chiryo

10.  Reiki with animals, an aide during labor, hospice settings and people experiencing side affects from cancer treatments

11.  Testing/Certificate.

Reiki III Master Training – Class includes the following

Fee:  $400.00

1.   Talk on ancient origins of Reiki

2.   Using crystals and stones with Reiki

3.   The Usui Master symbol

4.   Test on symbol

5.   Explain how attunement works.

6.   Advanced Reiki Attunement ,  Gassho meditation before and after attunement

7.   Meditation

8.   Share experience from attunement and meditation

9.   Reiki Meditation

10. Reiki psychic surgery

11.  Testing/Certificate

Reiki III Master/Teacher Training – Class includes the following

Fee: $550.00

1.   Explain the Anthakarana

2.  Review/explain Hui Yin exercise

3.  Tibetan symbols

4.  Test on symbols

5.  Explain how attunement works

6.   Reiki III/Master Attunement – Gassho meditation before and during attunement

7.   Share experience from attunement and meditation

8.   Violet Breath

9.   Healing Attunement – show students, then have students practice themselves

10.  Questions and Answers

11.  Review Attunement for Reiki I and II.

12.  Values and spiritual orientation of a Reiki Master

13.  Practice Reiki I and II Attunements with students

14.  Review differences in Usui attunement method.

15.  Explain Self attunements and how to do the healing attunements at a distance.

16.  Value of practicing Reiki on yourself and others.

17.  Testing/Certificate

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