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Memorial to Beloved Furry Friends And Family Members

At my last visit with Moses October 2012.  Notice the purple blue light above him.

At my last visit with Moses October 2012. Notice the purple blue light above him.

Moses headed to the Promised Land

I’d like to honor my son’s family dog Moses. My son had Moses as a puppy before he was married or had a family. Moses was his best friend and bud. They went everywhere together whether camping, hiking, climbing…didn’t matter Moses was always there. Then he married a wonderful girl, had two children and Moses was the old Man along with Sage my daughter-in-laws German Shepherd. Moses left this world Sunday night January 20th. I loved him so much. He was a wonderful boy. I am so appreciative that I was able to see him one more time last October. To better days and easier movement dear Moses….run free boy. Love and hugs to all.

I took out the pictures that I took on that last visit and looked at this enlarged one for the first time since returning. I love this picture of Moses. Notice the yellow light at various areas on him, but also the aura above him. When I took the picture none of those lights were visible. This is the first time I saw them. Such a special boy. Thank you for being a part of our lives Moses.

IMG_0044Thank you for your love and essence Ringo!
Ringo, my big beautiful boy passed this morning. My heart is saddened and I already miss him so very much. Even though he was with me for less than a year and he came to me in a surprising and unexpected way, he leaves a sacred space empty in our family. I had hoped you would stick around and let me do what you had asked for, but you decided to take a different path, your body just couldn’t take anymore. Thank you for blessing my life with love, laughter
and boldness….I hope you felt as much love as you gave. This year had been challenging for you. So many changes in your life. I feel your presence here right now. I love you big, bold BOY.



Heart of a Lion

Judah was 13 years old when he passed.  He was and is the dearest, loving and incredible boy and he was the very best friend of my daughter Courtney (Judah and Courtney pictured above).  She loved you fully and completely.  She always tried to give you an active, fun joyful and adventurous life. You spent countless hours together and she feels such a void now that you are not physically here. She misses you terribly but knows that you will always be with her. I love you too buddy and you also had a special place in my heart as one of my sweet grand pups. You were my Java’s hero, he adored you and anything you were and did, he wanted to be just like you. Whenever you are thought of it is with joy and love.  You will never be forgotten. You will always be a part of our lives and hearts.

Here is Courtney’s tribute to Judah.
“To my best friend, Judah. Today is the day that I have dreaded, but you and I know it is the right time.
Your aging body cannot keep up with the life you deserve.
Thank you for having come into my life and sharing your everything with me.
You have taught and showed me so many important and valuable things over the past 13 years.Countless.
You helped me realize how to deeply care for another being.
You showed me that I have value and meaning in this world.
You taught me patience in numerous ways, which I will continue to work on.
Your joy and zest for life is contagious and I hope that I carry that forward with me.
Your gentle nature has truly been inspiring. The world needs more of this.
You are and have been so much more than my pet, you are my friend, my family and a part of my heart.
Please come visit me often in spirit because I know I will miss you so very much.”

Comments on: "Memorial to Beloved Furry Friends And Family Members" (2)

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature said:

    So hard to lose pets! The sadness seems unbearable, while at the same time the gratitude for the love and the relationship is simultaneously present. Such a deep, tender time for the heart. Thank you for the follow on my site. I look forward to more connection.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Mary. I sure appreciate your note. You describe that beautifully the bitter sweetness of the loss and memories collide. I found your blog through Tania Marie. I look forward to following Dawn


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