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Higher Purpose

I had posted this to FB yesterday, yet it really was calling me to post here

Yesterday I was at the grocery store, did self check out. Requested cash back and walked off without it.

Blessings to whoever found it I checked back with store. It wasn’t turned in. The amount would not impact me negatively not having it. But hoping whoever found it found it helpful

I thought about my lack of focus and being distracted but decided to not accelerate that thought. We all lose focus at times and it’s OK.

Sometimes there is a higher purpose for it, such as in my case. Someone had the opportunity to turn it in and demonstrate honesty. Or someone had a dire need for it and received that blessing.

Either way I go on with my day in gratitude. May you all be blessed


Im with you KP


By Jon Rappaport


Fake news it not new. And it’s not something that only Trump coined. Many of us have felt that some of the MSM outlets have not been doing their jobs for years. Good post by Jon Rappaport. I am a NO party supporter but I do support truth, I am a truth seeker


Love this message from KP it aligns so kuch with my own feelings


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