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Sharing. Thank you Laura

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A mantra for the Elements of Mother Earth:

Text: The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water return, return, return

Ein Mantra für die Elemente von Mutter Erde.

Version von Alissia Iannella, Klingendes Herz Infos: http://www.blessed-on-earth.ch

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This feels right for me as well. Anything else feels violent and a slippery slope

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BEing of Energy, Irma

This is likely the only thing I’ll post about these hurricanes that have recently “arisen”. I’m going to bypass any discussion about what, why, who, may have “caused” them, or intensified them (according to a few, for one nefarious reason or another). I’m not going to do any astrological or numerological or scientific “analysis” of them, nor refer to any of the 5,326,877.4 articles that have most likely been written about them.

All I am going to do is share my view of these creations. And that is, they are BEings of Energy. Creations of Energy. And every BEing has a consciousness. An awareness. And guaranteed, they will accept input from any of us.

I view these BEings of Energy not as “things” that I have the “freedom” or “responsibility” to change. Nor do I view them as creations that I have…

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Sharing. Meet my gifted friend Linette Chance and introducing her current offerings at Ananda Grove Intuitive and Spiritual Coaching

I have been working on building my own business as a teacher of spiritual concepts, Reiki practitioner, and Akashic Records reader for a couple of years, now, with varying degrees of success. My commitment to it has been lacking, though, and so the success I really want from my business has been elusive, to say the least.

Several months ago, I began working with The Morrigan. One of the major components of that work is opening myself up to bringing my skills, knowledge and gifts to others so that they can, in turn, shine their light more brightly into the world. She has been pushing me at every turn to write, share, teach, and help. Doing so means that I must set aside my fear of exposure, of being seen, of being thought a fraud or a pretender.  She reminds me that I have spent the best part of my…

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Sharing another incredible post by my dear friend Elana Rose. Play is so important, our inner child feeling safe and integrated is crucial to living a life full of joy, laughter and purity.

I am sharing the first post on my dear friend Elana’s blog post. Her words will pull you in, enchant, and teach in only her unique way of expressing herself. She is my medicine sister and soul friend. Much love. And thank you Ellie for the first of many shares. You are a true story teller

Gayatri Mantra

Thank you Laura. 😘🙏💜

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Another one of my favorites from way back — a good reminder and focus for eclipse day, or any day. The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most powerful and positive reality shifters I’ve come across besides Reiki Healing Attunements.

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We had some intense thunderstorms and wind last night as well. It felt like a preview of clearing out the old and preparing for the new

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It’s very “not usual” to have thunder storms here, but currently there is one hitting parts of Kauai. No rain at my location, but lightning and thunder all over, and winds picking up.

I’ve a sense that this is related to the energetic changes occurring already, in anticipation of the eclipse period. And perhaps a forewarning of the intense “Light explosions” and “Thunder bolts” that the Eclipse plus meditation will bring about.

Yes, meditate on planetary peace, but sometimes the peace (and clarity) comes after the storm and the “Light explosions” and “Thunder bolts”.

We shall see.

Aloha, Kp

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