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Shamanic Healing Services

Shamanic Services

I have completed my Healing Light Body School classes for the South, West, North and East directions with The Four Winds Society in Park City, UT. In these classes I have not only been on my own personal journey of healing, but I have also begun the journey of “The Wounded Healer” where my wounds and limited thoughts are being transmuted into healing gifts. In my own healing journey, I have experienced all of the techniques and I can recommend them highly. Simple, loving and gentle techniques, yet profound shifts can accompany the work.

I offer these services with great hope that those who have a need for this work will find me, or someone else trained in these teachings of knowledge which have been passed down through the ancient ones (the ancestors) and lineages of healers and wisdom keepers. These are remarkable healing tools that I have been taught. They are a way that you can be aided in your own journey to assist you. If you have further questions, contact me and I will be happy to discuss these techniques further.

Yosemite April 2011

Chakra Clearing & Balancing (Illumination) $75.00

Extraction of Crystallized and/or
Fluid Energies from the LEF
(Luminous Energy Field) $75.00

Rite of the Womb  – this is a rite that is available to women as well as men.  Contact me for details.  Very simple but powerful rite.

Recapitulation, Seven Chakra Clearing, Spirit Flight, and Death Rites

For those going through transition from this life and their families, a profound and loving way to move on.

I am happy to explain this process if you or a friend and/or family member is interested.  This is a service offered for all beings, please contact me for details.

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