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Timothy Glenn ~ This is So Retro

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Timothy Glenn is on a roll! I’m so grateful and honored that he continues to offer his additional astro insights on this blog. Indeed, I’ve sensed a rocky road ahead … but even rocky roads offer blessings along the way. Buckle up and check your shock absorbers. What a spectacular time to be alive!

This Is So Retro
by Timothy Glenn

It’s official. Uranus has gone into retrograde motion. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t seem especially noteworthy, much less foreboding. But then we consider the context.

Pluto has been retrograde since April 29.
Saturn has been retrograde since June 4.
Neptune has been retrograde since June 28.
Chiron has been retrograde since July 19.
Jupiter has been retrograde since July 28.

And then we can factor in the phenomenon of Pluto operating in Capricorn in both the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs simultaneously as we head into the grand climax of the United…

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