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Laura Bruno on Instagram!

Sharing I still don’t have one. Lol

Laura Bruno's Blog

I decided to join the 21st century and have finally opened one, yes, one (!) social media account. My blog is running low on photo space, and I’m actually in the early stages of creating a whole new site. In the meantime, I opened an Instagram account for those of you who prefer more photos and less text. If you’d like more garden and lifestyle photos, tips, and inspiration, follow me @TheLauraPortal. I’d love to see you there.

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Top 7 weeds that are actually herbs

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Source: TheHealthRanger
November 30, 2016

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1st amendment being destroyed by oil interests – Lionel

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Source: RT
November 30, 2016

At least 7 journalists have been arrested while covering Standing Rock and others have been subjected to tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets. ‘News With Ed’ is joined by legal and media analyst Lionel of Lionel media to talk about how constitutional rights intersect with the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, a rural department not accustomed to dealing with protest movements.

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View from the Edge of the World

Sharing the contemplation and beauty.

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

bealtainecottage.com 018

As the Roman Empire came apart at the seams, the safest place to be was on the very edges of that dying empire.

bealtainecottage.com 014

I have recently been reading the books, by Robert Harris, detailing the life of the great thinker, orator and statesman, Cicero.

bealtainecottage.com 028It is uncanny how many parallels with modern day life can be drawn from the novels,  ‘Imperium’ and ‘Lustrum’…(the third in the trilogy is yet to be published).

Of all the cumulative reasons why the Roman Empire came apart, endless wars, an over reliance on slave labour and corruption in government appear to be at the forefront.

bealtainecottage.com 016As I read chapter on chapter, I couldn’t help but draw parallels with the state of our world today…and viewed with horror an emerging pattern of decline and fall.

bealtainecottage.com 020The template of decline and fall remains the same regardless of time.

Wealthy Romans drank water transported through lead pipes…

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Trump as Spiritual Teacher? — Winging with Whitehawk

Very fascinating post with Trump in role of spiritual teacher

Here’s why “fake news” sites are dangerous

I tend to agree with this blog post of Jon’s. If we go ahead and label anything but MSM as false sources and say it enough times then people will believe like they always do. In actuality it’s the MSM that is false. This old trick of theirs is tiresome and boring. Let’s call out something and label it as that. Just like anyone who questioned going into Iraq after 9/11, calling them unpatriotic with the possibility you were also something even more terrifying Do your own homework. Don’t leave the responsibility of information that you are fed up to anyone else. Keep an open mind.

Where the Buffalo Roam…

Sharing. So speaks to me personally. Thank you sincerely Julie for your works of art and Cnawan for your share oxox

Ethereal Nature


This post is dedicated to my beloved sister Julie, a visionary artist who is transforming the cityscape of her adopted, but beloved, home of Mankato, Minnesota.

To Give Thanks to the spirit of an animal which gave its life to support one’s own,  this sacred act practiced by indigenous peoples around the globe, perhaps once practiced even by my ancestors, the indigenous Europeans –  perhaps we can add this to our Thanksgiving rituals and traditions?  Perhaps, one might speculate, this lesson was imparted to those beleaguered pilgrims on the first Thanksgiving? We can Give Thanks to both the Creator and the Creation.

For the Dakota people, whose ancestors called home the land of my homestead for millennia before my ancestors claimed it as their homestead, how elevated must have been their Thanks Giving to the spirit of the Buffalo?  It is so well-known that Tatanka supplied them their food, their clothing, and their shelter.   To consume…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you Laura! Happy Gratitude day to you as well. Your table looks like fall leaves and cozy inviting

Laura Bruno's Blog


Wishing everyone a Happy Gratitude Day! Blessings and abundance to you and yours…

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How I Got My Neighbor to Stop Using Roundup & His Organic Weed Killer Alternative that Really Works

Yes! Sharing the info that helps us all


Source: GrowingYourGreens
John Cole
November 23, 2016

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you how he got his neighbor to stop using roundup aka Glyphosate and how he made a recipe for a organic weed killer alternative that really works.

Roundup aka Glyphosate is said to be probably carcinogenic to humans. It is also damaging to the health of your soil, and poisonious to many plants. In this episode, you will discover a much safer, natural and organic alternative.

First, John will share with you some edible plants he plants on purpose in his garden that many may consider “weeds”. You will learn how some of these edible wild foods got a little out of control and started spreading out all over.

You will discover how John usually manages his weed issues. Next, you will learn about an organic and natural solution that costs a fraction of synthetic, chemical weed killers.

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161122 Solar Energy download

From Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii

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