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Watch “October Energy Update 2018 – Lee Harris” on YouTube

Lee shares what came through to him for October.

Rebirth, shifting out of old behaviors, some feeling greater sense of peace, friction creates opportunity to change how we do things.

Am I feeling through things or thinking through things. What feels best is the impetus

The Mama Lode

Thank you Laura♥️. I smiled at your Florence Nightingale reference and quotes. I’d rather know the truth any day than what we have been fed. My heart goes out to those that will be challenged beyond belief. I remember the initial months and years that my whole view was challenged it’s not easy, yet it was certainly worth it. Lots of love


Timothy Glenn ~ Autumn 2018: The Dominoes Begin to Fall

Sharing this spot on post by Timothy Glenn through Laura Brunos bog post and corresponding intro comments.

I’ve got my popcorn🍿, how about you


September Is Emergency National Preparedness Month

No matter what the situation, it’s always great to be prepared in case of emergencies. Please see the proclamation link below from the WH. Tips are included



Check out @Jordan_Sather_’s

Crazy censorship regarding Etsy Store selling organite.

That’s a queue to buy some! Lol

Tweet: https://twitter.com/Jordan_Sather_/status/1037826710564032512?s=09

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