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My heart melts

Our Country’s Founding Documents

This includes

The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution

The Bill of Rights

I reacquainted myself with these documents recently. I was actually taught these in school. I’m 66 years old. I dont know if they are being taught any longer.

Truly spiritually inspired thoughts, words and concepts. The foundation of our country’s founding

There is the original constitution and the corporate, here are our original constitution.


A Call to Invoke the Violet Flame

I will be personally invoking and seeing The Violet Flame over the map of the United States this week, maybe even going into next week. I invite you to join me. It’s an exciting time to be alive

Watch “Fire and Ice” on YouTube

Watch “John Denver – Looking For Space” on YouTube

“Sometimes I fly like an Eagle……”

Watch “John Denver – The Eagle and the Hawk” on YouTube

In honor of what would have been John’s 77th birthday. The lyrics speak to many

Shake your booty with Piglet

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