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Watch “Natural Disaster Timeline: There Are No Coincidences” on YouTube

I had not realized the dramatic difference in “natural” disasters during Trump’s time in office vs Obama’s and Bush. Food for thought

Timothy Glenn ~ 2020: The Turning of the Tables

Exciting times we live in thank you so much Laura for posting Timothy Glenn’s reading

Laura Bruno's Blog

At long last, Timothy Glenn’s 2020 article: well worth the wait!

2020: The Turning of the Tables

by Timothy Glenn

The Turning of the Tides would also have been an appropriate title, but the tides turned in 2017. Now the effects of that turning of the tides in 2017 are beginning to become visible to the population at large. Some of the more obvious effects that we will be able to see (with 20/20 vision) this year will be made evident in The Turning of the Tables: that is, the gaming tables in the human world.

As far back as our conscious memory reaches, those gaming tables have been dominated by the power brokers of the Old Guard. Traditionally, the dice have been loaded, the decks have been stacked, the tables have been tilted, and the scales have been weighted; and not in our favor. May the odds be ever…

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A Message of Hope

As always lots of love and hope communicated by my dear sweet T

Tania Marie


Although I still intend to continue with my sabbatical, I received the strong message to peek out briefly on today’s Spring/Autumn Equinox portal (depending on which hemisphere you’re in) to extend my heart and voice to the collective in this challenging time. I’ll write more when I officially return, but for now I’ll say that I find it fascinating something nudged me to retreat nearly three months ago, and I am understanding more of what that meant now. For one, it has allowed me to anchor a stronger frequency of inner clarity and peace, which has helped prepare the way for what we are collectively now experiencing.

Although I may have a different way of navigating things, I know that we will each experience things relative and valid to our journey and there is no judgment in that. What I do believe is that for those of you who feel…

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Om Shree Sache Om ~ Deva Premal

Sharing thank you dear Laura

Laura Bruno's Blog

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s not very Irish, but this feels right to share today. If you find your mind filled with worries, chatter or empathing the energies around you, upgrading content works wonders. Literally, works Wonders. The mantra translates to:

“May the ultimate truth and that which is beyond all boundaries be victorious. May there be peace, peace, peace.”

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Watch “Mid-March Energy Update: CORONAVIRUS” on YouTube

Lee offers ways to navigate the unusual energetics we are encountering. In this rare mid month reading he described 9 themes that are taking place. Awareness of these themes is most helpful as well as tips as how to process them. ♥️

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