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Update on My Dad

I am sharing a post by my Reiki Teacher Laura Bruno. Her family and her dad are going through some major transitions. I am helping to support at this time by sending Reiki I ask if you feel called to assist by prayers or any other healing means we would love it. Thank you and blessings to all

Laura Bruno's Blog

Thank you to all of you who have sent continued prayers and energy healing for my father! Several people have recently asked for an update, so I’ll share what I can here. For those of you who want to add him to your own lists, his name is Steve Derbenwick.

My dad was really struggling before I wrote last week’s post requesting prayers and Reiki, but my parents both said they could sense all the prayers coming their way once he got re-upped on my mom’s prayer list and with all my amazing blog readers’ energies, prayers and intentions. Truly, thank you! We’re deeply blessed to have such a worldwide group of powerful healers, shamans, Reiki Practioners and Master Teachers, prayer warriors, love beings, and adepts sending energy to our family.

I did some shamanic Dreamwork with my dad on Friday, the 19th, and felt the situation shift even more…

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Celebrating 7 Years of Joy

Here’s to sweet and wise Joy that has had a big impact on me by tuning into her teachings. My dear Tania Marie is her loving mommie. Happy anniversary🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Tania Marie

GAM_9325 web

Happy 7 year anniversary Joy!!!

I love you more today than ever!

Thank you for all that you bring to my life and everyone you touch.

Thank you for helping me to open my heart again.

And thank you for opening your heart to Cosmo, which has been healing for you both.

You are an inspiration to me with how you’ve expanded your heart, moved through your challenges, learned your boundaries, and embraced your role as teacher and healer.

I’m so grateful that you came into my life as my birthday gift to me 7 years ago.

And I’m so grateful for all the things I don’t need to say, but that you know so deeply in your heart and soul.

You are my “Joy!”

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Holy Crap! “[Big Island Kona] coffee growers sue Monsanto over glyphosate’s dangerous side effects”… NaturalNews.com 2-24-16

Things are changing

Comment Bump Up About Boundaries and Expectations

Sharing this exchange. I’ve been contemplating this myself recently. Boundaries and feeling the freedom of no judgement in choosing where to and whom to expend my energy with. I have a small number of who I would consider to be true blue friends in my life. These our telationships that I have no qualm in expending energy. They are healthy and stimulating for all parties. The rest I consider acquaintances. They can be fun or they can be one sided or somewhere in between. I know a number of people that pride themselves in numbers and numbers of friends. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t Numbers don’t qualify as a friend to me. Quality is what matters Much love

Laura Bruno's Blog

This little comment exchange from the post Expectations and Happiness seems important to bump up, since the topic arises a lot during client sessions, as well as during conversations with colleagues needing to maintain balance in their lives so they don’t burn out. It also goes along with Tania Marie’s recent video message, which I also highly recommend.

Comments bumped up from Expectations and Happiness. (I added paragraphs to mine for easier reading):

  • Posted by diana allen on February 19, 2016 at 9:33 pm  edit

    A couple weeks ago I was having lunch with a friend and she shared with me that in general, she has “really low expectations” of other people. I was so surprised! But she said someone once told her that people with lower expectations are happier than people with high expectations, and she too it to heart.

    Logically, I suppose this makes perfect…

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Was Justice Scalia murdered? Forget “conspiracy theory.” This is real.

Loving the Layers of You

This resonates beautifully for me right now

Tania Marie

12734226_10208214525108005_6689181830619433080_n (1)

Nature is rich with layers and textures of expression, just as each of us uniquely are. The difference being that nature doesn’t judge any of it…. she embraces it all as an extension of wholeness.

How can you release some of your inner judgments about yourself more today and embrace the nature of you?

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NH Labor News 2-3-16… “One Million Anti-TPP Petitions Delivered to Congress”

Sharing. Thank you Kauilapele.

Potentially REALLY BIG REPORT… YourNewsWire.com 2-7-16… “Putin: Western Governments Are Enslaving Humanity Through Vaccines”

I hope people are open and listen with a new mind

In “Honor” of the Super Bowl… this is a commercial that should be played…

This speaks for itself

February 2016 Energy Forecast – Lee Harris

Really appreciate Lee’s share here. I think many can relate. Lee always offers simple yet effective tools to assist and support as the energies come through. I so appreciate him

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