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The Oracle Report ~ Mars, Eris and Katy Perry, or How the Illuminati Are Poised to Strike, and Why They Will Fail (Part 1)

Lot’s of good information here from a combination of sources…thanks Laura, Jean and the Oracle Report.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Thanks, Jean! I love this Oracle Report, because it not only exposes the ritual at the Grammy Awards, but it also empowers the reader to recognize how esoteric tools and energy alignments could be used for other things than mind controlling viewers and ushering in wars.

As I commented on a different article deconstructing the Grammy Awards ritual:

There’s even more programming than the obvious. In addition to all the MK Ultra and Satanic creepiness, there’s an overt message that all magic(k) is evil, sexually perverse and related to mind control. Take home message: “You can’t fight us. Don’t even try. If you try to tap into your own alignments with energies, you will get swallowed up by evil, just like us.”

Meanwhile, as WB Yeats says, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” We won’t get out of this via ordinary means…

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Truth is Like a Lion

Thanks Laura. Truth is pure. Let the chips fall where they may.

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Truth Lion

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How one young woman integrates “Trouble,” “Comfort,” and “Survival”

Thanks. Laura for sharing. An inspiring story of this young woman’s journey that intertwined survival with thriving. Her way of creating life saving connections for herself and others

A pregnant West Virginia blogger contemplates CHANGES — to her past, her future, and her water

This is a very real situation this young mother-to-be is facing. I can hear the uncertainty, and fear in her post. This could be anyone of us.

A Russian Mother’s Photographs

These beautiful photographs speak for themselves, thank you for sharing Laura via Ann.

Mirror, Mirror …

This is the most eloquent form of non violent protest I have ever witnessed. Thank you Laura

Laura Bruno's Blog

I saw this video several days ago, just as all the drama exploded around my “Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation” article. I got overwhelmed by the sheer number of comments on my and various other blogs, as well as numerous emails telling me what a hornets nest I apparently stirred up on all those social networking sites I don’t use. Ah, well, what can you do? I spoke in peace and love.

Anyway, I think this Ukrainian protestor tactic is brilliant on so many levels! It reminds me of some of the strategies used in Starhawk’s novel, “The Fifth Sacred Thing,” and it is a completely literal version of a method I’ve long used to deflect any projected negativity flung at me if/when my intuitive observations or conversation disturb Shadowy, raw nerves.

The narrator does use a few f-words in this video, so if that offends you, turn…

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